Any tips on making these two polysurfaces blend better?

The BlendSrf command works well, but it still doesn’t morph the surfaces perfectly.


Test.3dm (960.5 KB)

Dear Aiden_Kashi
it is a bit of a design-issue / intend.
your main surfaces lock quite complex regarding control-point structure. - but this should not influence _blendsrf so much…

did you try to addShapes exactly where the smaller rounded edge / surface is part of the gab ?

you should add extra handles / shapes here - and then rotate the handles on the other side.

you can rotate the Handles by alt-/option klick and drag on them.
see the keys for control section … there is also a small video showing this rotation-move…

those two steps should help you get the desired result.
you also might want to model only half of the object, and then mirrow it at the and - it is a lot of work to build symmetic _blendSrf …
best regards -tom

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Hello - I think you have to decide what you want to happen, design wise, at the small transition as it fades to the handle. One way would be to start fading earlier so that by the time it hits your cut, is it much wider -



Thank guys!