Blend Edge


I’m baffled as to why I cannot fillet the top edge of this simple shape using Solid>Blend Edge…

There’s plenty of space for the surface to run around. It currently manages only 14mm value and collapses if I try anything larger!!!

Any ideas??

Thanks,Blend Edge.3dm (89.0 KB)

Hello sach,

for a quick workaround i would use the misguided blendegde (100mm) and intersect the extruded surfaces with your original surfaces

Finally i have blended the edges first and then I used sweep (2 rails) in between. Since your geometry is not symmetrical, you cannot mirror the blended edges and you have to to it for every edge again.

Blend Edge workaround.3dm (271.8 KB)

Best regards!

But every time you have to do all this slaughter?
Too many operations!

@bodzguard Thanks for your advice.

For this pure, simple geometry I’d expect the blend edge to work seamlessly…

Anyone at McNeel have any idea why this isn’t working?


What it looks like is that the edges of the blend surfaces do not quite intersect with the existing rounded corner surfaces, so the trim fails… FilletEdge in this case works fine…

There does seem to be something fundamentally buggy with both the BE surface creation as well as the intersections, I can’t even get Intersect to have a correct result - or in some cases any result at all - between the long straight sections, when it should be straightforward… @pascal one for the bugtracker?




Thanks. @John_Brock

@Helvetosaur Thanks. I think the top and bottom row of edges of the side surfaces are continuous resprctively. I would think that this condition is enough to make the blend work…

Me too, it’s definitely buggy. As BlendEdge actually created the surfaces but didn’t trim them, I ran intersect between one of the corner surfaces and the blend surface. The intersection is incomplete, as the blend surface edge is just far enough away from the surface in spots that it can’t trim.


Thanks @Helvetosaur
Yes I have encountered this quite often on simple shapes. The behaviour is also different compared to v5 with the same surfaces…