Bitmap Manipulation || like photoshop

I guys,

I try couple things around but I still not able to modify a bitmap image as I want In Grasshopper.

I want to extract all the Green colors of that image and turn it to white and what’s left in black…

I know that Firfly plugin have a «decompose image component». but I can’t achive anything with it… So far I don’t know other plugin that can do something to modify images…

Firefly can make this too :
Do you know other plugins that may help ? What I can do ?

Thanks :wink:
Charles C.

It‘s no real answer on your question.
But it‘s might possible for you to use Photoshop? Would be much faster/easier and you still can insert them to grasshopper after.

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Like this?


Add one more step…


A great Thanks once again Kim !! This is exactly what I was looking for. So I don’T have to do all these manipulations into photoshop !

I don’t know you can simply write «white» and add a color swatch to find a specific color !

I still have one question: how could I set a «range» of color instead of one color swatch ??? The thing is I want to select only the trees… But its quite difficult…

Yes I know photoshop could be a solution, but In the definition I’m trying to make, I use many bitmap… and Its a longer process to edit them in psd then import it back into Grasshopper. I try to automate this task :wink:

You can always use Macros in photoshop, apply the same set of commands to every bitmap. Photographers don’t actually edit every one of their 1000 photos one by one.

Yes I do have batch script in photoshop. But going googlemap -» photoshop -» grass -» flowdesign -» photoshop -» grass -» etc is sometimes a long process… I thought I could manage it differently with grasshopper…
However the grasshopper bitmap manipulation is heavy with firefly… I think I will have to go old school method !