Image sampler from live screen recording

Hi there,

Not sure if this is possible, but I have a very basic current set up using image sampler, to combine multiple files into a single colour. Its for some interactive art where participants provide the files, overwriting the existing one to create a live updating system. However…

My question is, whether it’s possible to using a screen recording from my laptop, with the participants using Microsoft Teams, then ideally using image sampler again and place the pixels to grab colour from each persons screen on Teams. Would be okay if there was some script to take a screen shot image every 3 seconds or something, rather than totally live.

Any guidance really appreciated.

colour (232.3 KB)

The firefly plugin has a webcam capture component and it’s own image sampler. You may be able to trick firefly in to accepting a ‘webcam’ stream of the desktop using something like vlc2vcam. I’ve used droidcam to get live video from my phone in to grasshopper that way. There is also an option to load images and video from file using firefly.

sadly although that looks perfect (after googling), I am currently restricted to rhino mac where it is not available, after my hard drive partition became unreliable and I havnt got around to sorting it… thankyou though!