Bezier Curve and Isotrim (Subsurface is invalid because the trimming V-domain is singular)


I am trying to trim a surface in both direction in uneven spaces, using a bezier curve. But since I am planning to use Galapagos to optimize the geometry, I found a script that simulates that geometry by using number slider instead of a graph mapper. When I adapt the geometry to the y direction everything seems to work fine, but when trying to divide the surfaces in the x direction in the isotrim component i have the error:

  1. Subsurface is invalid because the trimming V-domain is singular.

I have no idea what might be the problem and I already have a reparametrized surface.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance

Bezier (39.3 KB)


Its a known limitation with the Subsurface component. It simply does not support surfaces with singularities.

If I extrapolate your surface in v direction it shows that at some point your surface becomes singular, meaning the u isocurve is a point not a curve anymore. You can bypass this by subdividing your surface differently. For example you can calculate each corner point for each subsurface and use “4 Point Surface”

This illustrates the problem: