Subsurface is invalid because the trimming U-domain is singular

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I am trying to ise the Isotrim after dividing the surface domain into varies segment as shown in the attached file, however, the final output returned an error message “1. Subsurface is invalid because the trimming U-domain is singular.”
Does anyone know what this means and how it should be resolved?

I have reparemetized the surface which is not a trimmed surface either!

Thank you so much!

U Domain (12.2 KB)

You did not internalize the surface.

Oh, wait… I see there are two separate groups of code and the first one (at the top) that generates the error does have an internalized surface. :man_facepalming:

Maybe the problem is caused by having duplicate values for the last U and V pair?

u:{1 To 1} v:{1 To 1}

Yeah, this looks better?

U Domain (12.8 KB)

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oh man… I should always check if anyone posted already while I’m typing my answer… I feel so dumb :smiley:

Happens all the time. But the answers aren’t always the same, so sometimes having multiple solutions is a good thing. :sunglasses:

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HI Joseph

O i see you have shifted the end by -1 to get of the last item which is not really needed , silly me I should have realized the data tree problem.
thanks sir indeed , you awesome!

Hi Inno

Thanks for popping in to help, gesture appreciated and if you have anything to teach please do!!

All the best!