Bevel Mesh preview

Bevel command in Rhino WIP.

I am testing some stuff in meshing and I came onto one problem with Welding inside Bevel command. So I am trying different settings but inside Bevel command, there is no such thing as PreviousEdgeSelection know from commands like FilletEdge also Named Selections are not there yet to help - that means that every try is forcing me to repeat this laborious nonsense of handpicking edges.
In short, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Can we have real output preview before we accept Bevel command like in the FilletEdge so we know where our Weld will occur?
  2. Can we have an option to make Bevels based on radius as in FilletEdge?
  3. Is it possible to specify Welds on the start or end of the Bevel? (as shown in the pictures underneath)

Hi @Czaja, sorry for my late reply.

Yes, filed your request as RH-55306.

You can type in the radius.

Nope, that’s not possible at the moment. How would you use it? Force one end welded and other unwelded?

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Hello @Jussi_Aaltonen

Continuing my experiments with rounding mesh edges from the other topic:

I was playing with Beveling and I actually received worse meshes than with extracted Render Mesh with the Edge Softening: On.

It is important for me to receive beveled meshes that are welded in logical manner, ideally with weldings in the same places as edges of the polysurface.

Am I doing something wrong?

File: Bevel Mesh.3dm (3.8 MB)

Extracted Render Mesh with Edge Softening:

Beveled Mesh:

I think you’re not doing anything wrong @Czaja. I logged this as a bug: RH-56989