Best way to deploy rhino plugins


we have developed a plugin that we want to install it for all the rhino instances across the firm. right now we are using a script that copies a folder structured as shown below to
Program Files\Common Files\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\plug-ins
and Program Files\Common Files\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\plug-ins

RhinoPlugin (D8EED4F2-53AF-4318-AC67-6BF336F997F2)/
 ├── 0.0.01/
 │   ├── RhinoPlugin .rhp

The issue we are having is that Rhino doesn’t automatically detect and load the plugin, we also are adding the keys to the regiestery.

I would appreciate if you share what would be the best way to go about the deployment or direct me to the topic if this has already been discussed.


Hi @ashkan.rdn,

Something you might consider is using Rhino’s Package Manager.

– Dale

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