Best Render Engine, HDRI's for Rhino In 2019 For Diamond Jewelry

Kind of this type

A high reflection/refraction depth could be useful and a very light refraction blur could smooth the internal effects.

I’m in the Vray camp. It takes a bit to get your head around but it is extremely powerful once you crack it. It also works very well with Rhino so you can customise buttons and macros to speed up workflow.

Too much light in your render comes from HDR map not the engine itself. try different maps for refraction, rotate them play with them.

Jewellery rendering has been on here many many times already just do a bit of digging :wink:
No point of looking for “best engine of 2018,2019 and so on” All (most) engines can give you pretty much the same output it’s only the difference in the way you’re getting to the result.

I personally use Thea render these days…used to use Vray, Arion, Maxwell, Keyshot and few others.

Some examples here

PS. Don’t ignore importance of your light setup and hands down tool to go is HDRLightStudio

I can’t see your vray materials in the scene.
which version of vray are you using?

Thea Render does it work with HDR in rhino?

Did you put Inclusions in your stones? Also, do you have an example 3DM with your Vray settings?

I’ve made a couple of videos relating to Vray rendering for jewellery, these may help:

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Thank you for that, any chance you have any sample file to go along with that?

I don’t sorry, but I’m sure you can follow along anyway.

In Youtube type “keyshot jewelry” and you will find videos and tutorials. Keyshot has also powerfull scripting capabilties in Python (like Rhino 6) to automate your renders (color of gems colors, colors of gold, silver etc …). These two web sites use keyshot since 2010 :

Are you sure? Edendiam sure look like renders I agree.
But it seems like Gemmyo has switched to photography and photoshop?

This right here is incredible powerful imagery! Expertly done!
I can see you are very passionate.

I’m still deciding between Keyshot, Vray or Octane. Costprice is an issue and Keyshot being the most expensive it also seems to produce less photorealistic results. Vray and Octane are more accessible but much more harder to operate? Are you still in the Vray camp?

I’d recommend Vray - I have been using Octane more and more as I think it’s got a slight edge when it comes to refractive materials, however the learning curve is pretty steep for Octane. Vray is a bit easier to use IMO, and has a lot more features than Octane.

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