Best ram option for rhino


I was wondering if it were bettter to have 4x16 ram or 2x32 ram when using rhino?

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Don’t think it makes any real difference in how Rhino will work, but doing the 2x32 will leave 2 slots open should you ever want to go to 128…

I’d rather look at the RAM speed.

thanks for you inputs :slight_smile:

I sometimes work with alot of objects in one file ( the biggest yet had 14.000 boxes).
So if I have to do a non manifold merge or create region the computer shuts down.

Is there a way for me to figure out if any opgrade to my computer would help the issue?

Unless your system has quad-channel RAM using 4 sticks makes no difference, which it probably doesn’t.

No RAM upgrade is going to massively increase performance, once you’re over the threshold of having “sufficient” RAM.

The primary thing you need to do is change your workflow so that you’re not trying to do arbitrary operations on 5-figure-counts of objects–which will quickly overwhelm your system no matter what it is–there’s no need for such nonsense.

Then how would you do non manifold merge and create regions for all those surfaces?

We need an example. And what for. “Non manifold merge and create regions” is not something anyone normally does.

example is that I use it to make the air inside a ware house with racks for CFD purpose