Best practice for tidying up object before 3D printing a two substance object?

Hi, V5.
before creating an stl file of ones design, what needs doing to the model ?
I seem to recall interior faces etc after unions need removing am I right ?
What command will take the model and reduce it to just surface faces ?
Is there anything else that needs doing (apart from ensuring its ‘watertight’. ?

If the object is to be a flexible print coating part of a hard substance print, e.g. a pen with rubbery grip mockup, how is that sent ?



If the parts are watertight, there is only effectively one outer surface per part, right?

For printing in two materials simultaneously just position the parts in the orientation you want them printed, then export each part as a seperate file.

I seem to recall a company asking that internals are removed, another saying their software does it prior to printing, so just thought I would be kind and do it my end.

so I create the pen then select the finger grip and export that as stl then select the pen less the finger grip and export that as stl.