Best iMac for rhino 6


I’m looking to get a iMac for a furniture design studio, we use rhino and the adobe suite. I’m confused as which type of iMac to get, we are buying ourselves so we can’t afford to spend a lot of money. We were looking into the early 2011 iMac but that has a AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB which isn’t compatible with rhino 6. What AMD graphics cards are compatible and what iMacs have them???


I think you have conflated two separate issues.

We do not recommend AMD Radeons for Rhino for Windows.
The same cards seem to work pretty well for Rhino for Mac.

I would add that you shouldn’t buy used hardware that is older than 2 or at the most 3 years, simply because the risk of failure is pretty high, especially if it has been used a lot.
I got rid of my 2011 iMac, two years ago, because the logic board finally gave out about 5 to 6 years of service.