Besides horster plugin, any similar plugin creating section boxes

It is me again :slight_smile:

Besides the horster plugin, any similar plugin but than also creating section boxes or clipping planes in grasshopper ‘clipping in rhino’ you know of?

Thank you in advance for your response. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why you’re looking for something like horster plugin are you looking for a way to apply camera clipping?
by the way, volvox has a clippingPlane component which may be useful.

Hi ForestOwl,

Maybe something like the following?

Its both for Rhino + GH


Hello ForestOwl,

I am just working on Revit like Custom Clipping Box.
So far, my plug in is like this moive on YouTube.

In the program the clipping box is created by DisplayConduit class in RhinoCommon.
It needs more improvement, such as to save user data and get options, etc.
It is not for Grasshopper, but just Rhino Command and the program is not perfect, because I am a beginner of C# .
If you think its OK, I can share it.