Bending Gridshell Pavilion out of bamboo


I try to build a Bending Gridshell Pavilion out of bamboo like the one of the course “Force Matter II: Calibration” at the School of Architecture CUHK (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Here is the link to the video of the project: BENDING GRIDSHELL PAVILION @ School of Architecture, CUHK - YouTube

My problem is that my simulation seems to be too much like a tensile structure and not like a bamboo grid. Did anybody know what I need to chance?

Thanks a lot.


My aim:

My model:

My data: 190703_Bamboo (171.8 KB)

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Hi Alina,

It looks like your form finding is currently without bending resistance.

See the bending gridshell example here

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oh yes thank you - exactly this was missing!! Now its working!

Hi Alina, What structural program did you use to model your design?