Bending beam


I am exploring the possibilities of working with active bending in Kiwi3D.

The example of elastic bending of a rod uses cable in order to deform the beam. However, I would like to use support displacement as it allows a better control of the final geometry than adapting the prestress of the cables.

The component point displacement seems to be adapted however it is not working. Here is attached my script. Let me know if what i want to do is possible and if i am doing something wrong.

Thank you in advance for your help. (15.4 KB)

Hey, I had a look at your file and there are two things: Most important, you put a fixed support at both ends. Consequently, it cannot move. Make sure that the intended displacement is not blocked. So you have to model two separate supports, one without fixing the x-displacement.
And second: it is better to use a load curve in order to apply the displacements in steps. the load curve can either be global or attached to the displacement itself in order to control the displacements separately. (14.3 KB)

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