Bending active plate

I´ve invetigated about bending active and developed a model with this system. Now I´m trying to prove if the the plugin work for this with a simple example.
I tried to define this but
unsuccessfully, I thought that applaying force on the x axis in opposite directions in the supports I would get flexed the plate, and another idea I had was to use cables to tension or contract but I don´t know well how to do this with the software.
I don´t know if you can explain about the curve and point displacement and connecting point or I do other post, I want to know if these elements are used in the results or to analysis model. (44.7 KB)



I edited your example. All changes are in the pink groups with a short explanation. (68.1 KB)

It is really important to set the boundary conditions right. The default setting for a point support is fixed displacement in every direction. So in order to make this bending possible you have to release two supports in the tangential direction of the stripe. You can check this in the preview of the AnalysisModel.
Additionally, like in “classical” FE, you need a feature to get the flat stripe out-of-plane. This may be a force or a small imperfection. If not, the shell is just compressed in-plane.

We will soon post some more examples including bending-active structures!

Thank you so much!!! I´lll be waiting the videos