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I am all new in this world with Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. I am trying to get this example from Youtube to work. It seems like some of my lines don’t merge proably, even after i tried from start. (14.4 KB)

You could simplify the definition referenced fr the tutorial considerably… (11.1 KB)

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Welcome @hare45_022,

A much more elegant and lightweight approach than portrayed in the video tutorial, is to construct the mesh straight from the vertices of the polygon boundary and then subdivide it to get the desired resolution.

2020-12-20 21-42-13.2020-12-20 21_43_51

There’s really no need for costly computations of curve intersection just to get to a mesh. (9.5 KB)

Thanks a lot for your inputs!

It’s my second day ever using both, so it’s all really new for me.
It is possible for one of you to make it work the way it’s made in the video and explain, where i make the mistake.

Just by removing the connection of the input (curves)of Multiful Curves from removeDuplicateLines, you can avoid data matching problem…
Ie, in this case you don’t have to use removeDuplicateLines like the tutorial. it’s redundant. (23.1 KB)

And since you are a beginner, it’s a good idea to study with some basic reference materials first.

In there, you can find the contents about data tree…


Can you maybe help me with the last step and make the solver work?Youtube_re2 Last (18.7 KB)

It seem the video tutorial shows the same K2 method as I did in my definition except the use ofBouncySolver.

Just try to follow the video. Trial and errors are essential to beginners.

I appreciate your help.

I have really tried most of the day to make it work. Now it seems like, i do not have the right “load” box?

Make sure you are running R6 or R7 and K2.
If you are running R5, then the equivalent is UnaryForce as far as I Know…
Of course, you can do the same with K1, but I don’t recommend and I’d say try to upgrade.


The thing is, i only have acces R5 from the side of my uni.

Any suggestions?

Ask to the person in charge in your uni for an upgrade.
Or Try to install K2 from food 4 rhino…

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Can anyone help me with coloring/transform the “truss” into wood material? (16.4 KB)

Hey, there’s no need to double post. It won’t speed things up, it just p***** people off. Be patient!

What do you exactly mean by “transform the truss into wood material”? At the moment, I can only see a couple of mesh faces. Do you mean for rendering? What do you mean by the “truss”? Maybe instead of double posting, put some effort into your descriptions. :wink:

I am very sorry for that, i have flagged my post to be deleted.

A quick and dirty approach would be this using the Weaverbird addon! (18.9 KB)

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i appreciate your help!

This time, we are in my own field (engineering) and i will try to be more clear.
From your help, i have finally managed to finalize the geometry and my goal is do an ULS investigation of the dome using Karamba3D. Tonight i watched some videos and tried to do some tutorials with Karamba and have somehow did something.

I managed to transform the mesh into a shell and not the lines to beam, so i can be able to investigate the utilization of every single? (41.1 KB)

The final result should look something like this:


My thought is, that i somehow have to decompose the lines from the mesh to define it with “Linetobeam”?

Yikes! It is unfortunate when people who don’t use grasshopper efficiently publish tutorials like this to then confuse more people that don’t yet know grasshopper :sweat_smile: not all tutorials are equal! Look into data trees!