Toothpicks stacked using Kangaroo, scratches made using ShutLining.

Rendered viewport:


Stacking sticks in Kangaroo is fun. Here’s 1000 near vertical ones, all dropped from a medium height into a container (not shown) whose inner dimensions are slightly larger than the sticks are long. Final geometry is all CurvePiping.


NIce… I have to look at kangaroo !

Hi David,

This looks great!

Any chance of sharing the gh file, please? I’ve been looking for a way to fill a container with capsules for a while. I wasn’t able to glean enough info from examples in the forum to be able to make it look organic. I ended up cheating and doing it by hand :confused:


This might be different from how David did it, but here’s how I’d set this up: (24.0 KB)


This is not exactly the same, the file I used was changed since then. (21.8 KB)


Is there absolutely no way to use block instances? Or could that be done afterwards somehow…

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Thanks guys that’s really helpful! I’ll have a play around with those a little later.

I guess I can make a quick mesh of the interior with a small funnel and a shorten/widen the poles and multiply by 30:

Where I need to make tablets instead of capsules I can use a simple mesh I guess.

Fantastic! Thank you so much. It’ll be so much easier to knock out random groupings to ensure all the images I render don’t look identical.



Maybe. In some cases. But the point of me testing this sort of stuff isn’t to find solutions to problems I might run into, it’s to find the problems. These images I make do not serve a purpose beyond just testing, so any advice given to me will have to be given to everyone else in perpetuity. Or —and I concede this might not be feasible— a general solution can be programmed.

There was a plugin that did similar but it never quite worked for me. It swapped the NURBS objects for a mesh, ran the computation and then replaced the mesh with orientated NURBS copies.

I tried a couple of times to install it and spoke to Dan Hambleton the other year but sadly I couldn’t get it to work.

I’ve recently got collision between rigid body meshes (including non-convex) working in Kangaroo. It is also possible to transform Breps accordingly. It will be in the next release.


I saw this on Anders screen, and was wondering when it is going to be released?

Till now I was still playing with line-line goals:


Hi Petras,

What happens in that video is really amazing and beautiful !

Thanks for sharing