Problem with my open Circle Packing Script

So i have a problem with my Grasshopper script.
I can’t see what i need to change in order to make the circles pack, så the surfaces exactly just touch without making an overlap.

I tried some different stuff, but it just keeps overlapping. (Looks like its trying to be as in the last picture i posted (with the 3 circles), every single time i run Galapagos)

i really hope you can help me, since i am completely lost.
Also i am not the biggest user in Grasshopper. :smiley:


Its best if you upload your definition.

I’m not sure this is of some help, anyway have a look if you want. This one is using Kangaroo, not Galapagos.

Circle (18.9 KB)

Thx for answer, here u have it.

thx for answer and the link - i will take a look.