Before and after

This is the same set of surfaces copied and pasted into a second file.

The second file is the working model I’ve been having such a time with and it shows the zebra distorted. Both files are set to smooth and slower.

I’m slowly losing my mind with this.

TestThis.3dm (37.9 KB)

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Opened your file and Rhino for Windows V5 and it looks good after adjusting the mesh settings in Zebra.

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Thanks for testing the file.

Here’s why I think there’s something amiss with the Mac version, or my computer. These were modeled using the WIP but the same problem occurs with the 5.1 version.

TestThis.3dm (37.9 KB) (823.8 KB)

The first image is the test file from the mm template in Rhino with the settings you sent. There’s still a lack of smoothness.

The second image is the same item in a different file (Argorflex6) also with your settings.

change the settings in Zebra… not file settings…

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Okay, that seemed to have done it. Thanks, I didn’t notice the option to further modifiy the settings.

Jeez, I’ve spent days trying to rebuild something that was likely correct and kept going over it again because of setting!?


Does the zebra setting remain part of a template? I don’t see it in the prefs.

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