Beaver - still available?

Hi all, I am new to Rhinoceros, I work for a company that produces CLT panels and I wanted to try Beaver for exporting geometry in bvx format (Hundegger CNC machines) but I can’t download from the Grasshopper page, is there some sort of problem with this plugin? Anyone tried that before?

Thank you

Hi, Daniele! I’ve got the same question. How to export from Rhino/Grasshopper to Cambium (Hundegger)?
Have you solved it?

No, eventually we abandoned the idea and we stuck with Cadwork, which is a dedicated software. Apparently Beaver is abandoned :pensive:

Hey there, we are currently developing our own GH/Hundegger plugin. The scope of our current project is pretty limited so the plugin only implements a few operations for now.
We plan to expand on functionality and release it in the future. If you have any specific ideas we can get in touch.

Hi, I would be interested in this plugin, do you have a site or something where I can follow the project?


The project is listed here:

As I said, the BVN component is just a small subset of the project and not reflected there. Once we have a viable component we will probably release it to Food4Rhino.