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Hey all!

We are getting many emails with some bug reports and doubts regarding the use of Beaver.
In order to avoid duplicate questions, we are opening up this discussion for future users.

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Beaver is currently free! Please read carefully the installation in our food4rhino page.

I’m currently looking at the SLS verification checks in Beaver

Could you explain where the load combinations 1.8G + 1.54Qc are exactly coming from, the factors?

If I understand correctly, the instantaneous deflections are calculated in the characteristic load combination with additional creep calculated with kdef and omega_2 factors to get the final deflection. Are also different load combination/cases like characteristic, frequent, and quasi-permanent taken into account?

And for the limit values, how are they connected and can I change this to my local Annex values somewhere?

Hi Niels!

your understanding is correct about the quasi-permanent load combinations you’ll find it at the 2.2.3 section at Eurocode 5. So in principle if you apply the same factors to each load case you shall get the final deflections for the quasi-permanent situations.

Characteristic combinations are also calculated, but not frequent ones as they are less critical to the design.

The limit values and factors can be set at the “settings” beaver component to match local regulations. It is available in the latest version in food4rhino, please make sure to upgrade yours.