Beam-Forces ouput beam index

I just found out a slight change in the behaviour of Beam-Forces component in version 2.2.0 compared to 1.3.3
Let me know if I’m wrong but I think both version skip the beam if the result is 0, which is fine. However with version 1.3.3 I could retrieve the index of the beam in the model by taking the last number of the path. In version 2.2.0 everything is re-numbered from 0 and I could not tell which beam that is associated with the result. Please help
[Edit] attached is a simple script that show a model with 3 beams. Beam 3 is the only one that return result from Beam Force component however there is no indication of that (26.1 KB)

Dear @user1986,
thank you very much for your post!
I will fix the problem in the service release 2.2.16.
– Clemens

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