Problems with beams connected to a shell


Im trying to do almost the same like Bollinger+Grohmann did with the Active Energy Building in Vaduz, Liechtenstein → Active Energy Building – Karamba3D but with no bracing walls.

In a first step I optimized the areas of a shell where connected supports lead to minimal displacement.
After that I started creating A-,V- and R-frames as my Colums and bracing for the building at the same time. But after assembling the model with only the groundlevel my beams did everything but supporting my shell. I used “mesh breps” to include their end points and calculated the EIGEN Modes because of the degree of freedom my colums commonly need to have.

Currently my only loads are the ones onto the mesh ( dead loads and usage) so there are no windloads and my building already does wierd things.

Do I need to subdivide my beams because they are too long? (90.0 KB)

I hope someone can help me.




make sure to flatten your inputs into the Assemble Model component. It was creating multiple models and therefore does not analyse correctly.

Thank you ! This helped. :slightly_smiling_face:
Your model does look so different, do you have different settings or done anything else?
I have the educational license, if this does matter.

There was nothing added or changed in the model. However this image is using the latest version 2.2.