Bateleur "Le Mans" Concept

Bateleur “Le Mans” Concept. Designed in Rhino 8 (original model sketching and ideation in Blender). Rendered in Twinmotion 2024.1


Nice, this’d be LMGT3, correct? Or I suppose more like Garage 56 since this is concept (:

Assuming this is with ICE, I suppose this would be a front-engine due to the long nose and the driver sitting so close to the rear, but still rear-wheel drive?

Z3 Coupe like :slight_smile:

nicely done, any chance that this market in one way or a nother? you know i am currently in the market for a car, though i might buy a mercedes a class, (which is the minimum style i can afford at least) but looking at these concepts i have to wack myself out of dreaming off too much :smiley: btw, reminds me slightly of a BMW Z8

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Thanks Alan

it’s a good question, I’d love to see this car out in the open but hey, let’s see what the future holds :slight_smile:

Correct, front mounted engine, rear or AWD. But yeah being in concept there’s a lot of unknown around it of course. I like that idea “LMGT3”…something beyond :slight_smile:

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