Bateleur | Hyper Roadster Concept

Designed in Rhino 8. Currently working on some variations of the spec (base, clubsport, clubsport RS and convertible). Working on a concept interior as we speak and will post once complete.

Clubsport spec (spoiler, low profile tires and slight body modification)

Base spec

Rhino 8 mac


I would not mind driving this in Gran Turismo.


I’ll take that as a good sign :slight_smile:

Yes, this looks like a great concept!

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thanks Nathan!

Wish I had your skills! Seems like you have been through every little detail - and succeeded in making the design flow all the way around the car. If you know what I mean. The front center air intake looks very original to me.

I wouldn’t have put it on the beach though - I am afraid it won’t come out of the sand under it’s own power :wink: (maybe Rhino 8 has a trick up it’s sleeve for this?)

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thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah the beach was a simple test. The final renders will be much more staged and in context. No way I’d drive it on the beach :wink:

Interior design WIP. Seats, and steering wheel are placeholders (updated/much more detailed designed planned). Much more detail is planned.

drawing inspiration from the Bentley Mulliner


Progress updates. Seating, headliner, dashboard details. This week door panels and steering wheel

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Using Vizcom to generate ideas for CMF for the custom seating design.

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Steering wheel development.

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fabulous! thanks for sharing-

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thanks Kyle! Would love to catch up very soon. It’s been a busy one this year :slight_smile:

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Steering wheel in it’s final resting place. With Vizcom concept sketch.

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professional . Good Work

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thanks man.

I love how vizcom upholstered the driver! :slight_smile:

this is a very cool workflow and a lovely project-

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thanks Kyle! And finally, some last test screenshots before going into final render setup

front-end redesign in exploring the Spyder edition

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Final presentation for the base edition has been posted here:

Spyder and Clubsport versions coming soon.