Batch convert 2000 rhino files to 3ds and obj files respectively

Hi~I am puzzled by the problem to convert around 2000 rhino files to obj and 3ds files respectively
I try to use AHK window automatic script to simulate the human click operation,e.g click ‘import’, assign path, click ok, and then wait for a few seconds to totally import, and then click ‘export’, well this is a little fool and clumsy, especially low efficient

Is there any more efficient way to convert a huge amount of files?like 500 rhino files or even 2000 rhino files?The target format is 3ds and obj,I know to convert them in the same open file can be a disaster for CPU,this way i tried is inconvenient and anti-human-and-computer,if one step crash,all crash,and so do i

The core thought should be converting each of them one by one in queue aumatically by script .

Below is a simple example i want to show:


i think there must be some script to help me,BTW,i master python,so if you have any direction or good suggestion ,please tell me ,thanks !!!

I hacked the following script together from a couple of others I had. Will save all .3dm files found in a given folder as .obj. Check/modify the .obj export settings (meshing parameters, etc). as you need. If you say you master Python you can probably adapt this script to do .3ds.

–Mitch (2.4 KB)

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Thanks for your good help!! it help me a lot!!