Batch Changing File and Folder Paths / OneDrive Workflow

Hello all,
I have my personal Rhino resources (materials, textures, 2D and 3D assets, templates, toolbars, settings etc.) library and old projects archive of 600GB saved in my personal OneDrive. It’s always in “D:\OneDrive\Design” location both at home and at work, so I can seamlessly continue working on the same file both at home and at work without losing folder paths, and also keeping toolbars/settings synced in both devices. On the other side, I save the works I create in the company to "D:\OneDrive - Company" folders, so no IP related files are on my personal one.

Recently our company blocked usage of personal OneDrive accounts on work computers and the policy forced my account to sign out. Now every time I open a previous 3dm file, 3D asset block (screws, nuts, template files etc.) links are broken as well as HDRI’s and texture files assigned in V-Ray materials are lost.

One solution is to move all my personal archive to company OneDrive but that requires relocating each file (block files, diffuse, bump & reflection maps for the materials) one by one every time I open an old 3dm file which is a pain in some soft tissue. Also I don’t want to keep my personal archive on company’s cloud account.

The best thing I can think for now is at least copying the archive to company OneDrive and keeping it synced with my personal archive folder on my personal computer using some other sync software; so my own folder will always be up to date. But this, again, doesn’t solve the broken links.

I don’t know how to fix this situation. Are there anyone who faced something similar and found any solution before?

Hi there,

I think there is a simpel solution for this, using Rhino’s file search paths.
Options > Files > Search Paths

It say that it looks for bitmaps, but I know (out of my own experience) that it will find anything that it cant find. Eg; Blocks, textures.

It can only look directly into that folder, so if you have subfolders within that folder you need to add every one of those. Don’t forget to prioritise them:

The order of the paths in the list determines the order in which they will be searched

Hope this helps.

Oh, thank you! I thought it was only for textures. It’s good to know that it looks for any kind of data. However I think it won’t replace V-Ray textures at the same time. V-Ray sometimes loses the paths without any change though.
But again, after copying that massive data, keeping the same archive synced in two different OneDrive folders will be a challenge for me. I’ll look at the “mklink” command if it works for the cloud mirrors of the on-demand files in OneDrive.

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