Should I learn Python for Rhino or for Grasshopper

Hi All

I am wondering which platform in which I should to learn/use Python in as I know that we can use it in the Rhino Interface or in Grasshopper.

Would someone has any advise?

Many thanks!


I recommend trying both and seeing what works best for you.

I mostly use python in Rhino without GrassHopper. I automate simple tasks : naming nd numbering objects, importing and exporting. I build toolbar buttons so my colleagues can do the same. I started with 3 simple tasks in mind : I managed one of them quickly, motivating me to continue. I completely failed one and put it aside for later. I made slow progress on the third and kept learning, progressing slowly over a sustained period of time.

I also installed a separate version of Python to use for general scripting, file handling, calculations, etc. That helped me to progress too.

Happy coding !


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Thank you so much Graham, I will firstly learn the language and then try both platforms then. Thanks for sharing you experience and insights! I am sure I will need more help from you in the future!
Happy coding to you too!

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