Basement Insulation Animation

Hi Everyone,

Here’s another animation I did a couple months ago that the client has release to the public. They put it on both YouTube and on the Lowe’s Home Center website. The YouTube video doesn’t have quite as good of a compression as on Lowe’s so I’ve got both weblinks below. On Lowe’s it’s the second video when you click on images, not the first one. Anyway, just thought I’d share:

YouTube Link:

Lowe’s Link (second animation under images, not the first one):

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Well done, looks good. Which engine did you use for rendering?

I would like to know how did you do that debris coming out with the drilling machine :smiley:

Hi Micha,


I used Octane for this one. I kind of had to, as it was essential to have Object Motion Blur for the drill’s chuck while it was spinning, otherwise it would have looked very unrealistic. Also, my Vray skills are not “there” yet, still working on that!

Hi Ivelin,

I did the debris in post with Hit Film Pro when I was putting together the animation sequences into a full video. Here’s a link to the software if you’ve never used it, it’s VFX capabilities are very powerful:

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I had the feeling it could be Octane, no artefacts, very good quality. Which GI mode did you use? Only I used Octane for product animation yet.

I used the Pathtracing Kernel, however I tuned the GI down to 10 which GREATLY increases output since it virtually eliminates firefly’s. Below are my setting for this project, and to be honest, most animations I do. Also, since I was just dealing with two walls in the entire sequence, the back two walls behind the camera are not there, and I used a large fill light. This is the only way to do interiors super fast in Octane in Pathtracting mode that I’ve found.

The “whole room” farther off shots rendered clean (with motion blur) in an average 26 seconds in full HD. The close up shots (like with the drill, included motion blur and DOF) rendered in an average of 29 seconds in full HD.

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Thank you very much for the details. I use Octane not all days in this will help me a lot. :slight_smile: