KingSpan Animations

Thought I’d share another couple of animations done recently for a Trade Show Exhibit I designed. These were both running on the monitors and projection system during the trade show within the clients exhibit. Two different animations made from the same model. I wish we’d had time to put in trees, plants, sky, sun, etc. . . . but we didn’t. Thanks for viewing.

Drainage segment:


Could you please shed some light on ‘the making of’. Which renderer did you use? To which extend was Bongo involved and where did you use video editing software (e.g. how did you manage the disappearing wall section)?
Thanks in advance!

PS Bendbox - do you remember ??

Hi Luc,

I’m happy to share as much detail as you would like on these.

I used Octane Render for these, in it’s AO mode (biased mode based on Ambient Occlusion). It’s unbiased mode (PT) would have looked much better, especially if we’d had trees and sky, etc., but you can’t beat the speed of AO. Frame time was about 20-35 seconds (depending on which shot) with all the cut away’s turned on for the house.

Bongo was used of course with all the camera animation for both of these. The fade away wall sections were done in post and very easily. It’s simply two renderings on top of one another with the “non cut away” fading from 0-100% Opacity on top of the “cut away” rendering. Super easy and quick to do. Plus it’s very easy to control the timing of the fades this way. It was this same method repeated over and over in the videos.

For the second video, the rain and rain drops dripping down the drainage mats were done in post, using Hit Film Pro. I have AE but honestly like HF Pro more. It has an amazing particle engine perfect for doing things like rain drops, steam, etc. You can certainly do it in AE, but to me, it’s much easier in HF, tons of control. The steam in the Tank Booster Pro video I posted was done in post in HF.

If you want any more details let me know, I’m happy to provide. These were both pretty simple video’s. I’ll make sure to head over to the Bongo site and upload these.


Excellent work, Ryan, and thanks for sharing your process. I’m a Bongo beginner; I bought it last year and have only had time to dabble so far (Dave Schulze’s Lynda tutorial got me started). It’s good to see inspiring work.

Thank you for the kind comments MisterB, I appreciate it! This is a very friendly forum, don’t hesitate to ask questions when you have them.

Thanks, Ryan. I’m sure I will have plenty of questions when I find the time to delve deeper into Bongo. The post production work you mention is of particular interest, having only used AE following along with the Lynda tutorial, I’ve barely scratched the surface. Adding steam, rain drops etc. could be really useful.

So much to learn and so little time!

I know what you mean, I’ve been doing animation for less than a year and still have a long way to go and a lot to learn. As far as post production, AE is terrific, I have it. However, if you find yourself needing some of the more tricky VFX, like steam, rain drops, particles in the air, (I even did bubbles flowing through a pipe once) etc . . . I highly recommend Hit Film Pro. I’ve pretty much converted to doing all of my post and compositing in it. It has a really powerful particle engine great for stuff like that and NO PLUGINs required, unlike AE. I’m not knocking AE, it’s awesome, I just find the learning curve on HF to be much less, with just as much power and more in some cases. Also, you can use the particle simulator from HF within AE with HF’s Ignite connection . . … Lots of AE users doing that from what I can tell on the forums. On the other hand, If you find yourself doing a lot of straight up motion graphics, then I think AE is the better option. Just my two cents.

Thanks, I’ll look into Hit Film Pro. I have AE as part of my Creative Cloud subscription so have used that so far but will certainly look at alternatives in time. Right now I don’t know enough to evaluate one against another but it’s good to know that there are options. I’m certainly impressed by what you have achieved in your animations.