Bamboo Space Frame gone crazy

Bamboo Space Frame gone crazy Bamboo SF 16 (68.5 KB)

Hi, can anybody explain why I get these redundant lines flying around?

I have removed duplicate lines before line-to-beam operation. Somehow it didn’t catch all or what?



Hi, they are not duplicate lines but simply the normal forces for all the elements. You can use the connected model component to check if your model is all connected into one model.

Hi again Matthew,

I haven´t been able to figure out how to get rid of the flying lines. How do you mean the Normal forces show up like this? They are like parallel “ghost” elements as if they carried info that I cannot read. I have checked with Connected Parts/Lines and it shows the correct 800 poles just as designed and not these “extra lines”. So, is it just a graphic phenomenon? Were you able to open the gh-file now?

Appreciate you continued support,


you have the Normal Forces activated in the Beam View component. Therefore those lines appear. They are the normal forces in the beams.

Thanks! Super; problem solved!