Baking to Previously Created Layer - GH Rhino Components


I am creating a new Rhino layer like so:

When I first press ‘bake’ this layer is created in my Rhino document.
Now I want to change the color of the layers, add materials, etc.

When I bake again, the layer is overwritten. How can I avoid this? (16.8 KB)

The name needs to be changed to create new layers. In this case because the layer name already exists, then it can only replace it.

Changing the name would work, or using Cache Names with Branch Naming option are two ways to change the name of the layer. Content Cache Name Guide

There are a series of objects in Rhino that must have unique names. Most of them are in Tables in the header of the model. Blocks, Layers, LineTypes, Annotation styles, etc…

Hi Scott, thanks for the reply.

Once I have baked once, and created the layers, I don’t want to create new layers anymore.

I assigned some V-Ray material to the layer manually, and then when using bake again it deletes the material I just added (because its replacing the layer all over again). :sob:

I guess I could add an IF/OR gateway, meaning if it finds layers on the Rhino document make this, and if not create the layers.

I need to look into that. Thank you for the extra information.