Baking Text from GH to Rhino as regular text

Hi All,

I am trying to bake text from GH into rhino and it shows up only as a text dot.

Is there a way to bake text into rhino as just regular text?

If not, is there a way to convert a text dot into regular text in rhino ?


You can use Elefront plugin (downloadable from Package Manager), it has a component Define Text Object, as well as options to bake directly from Grasshopper.

Text Tag 3D (Tag) bakes as text.

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In Rhino, when you bake text from Grasshopper, it is baked as a “text dot” rather than regular text. This is because the text dot is actually a point object in Rhino with a label, rather than a true text object.

To convert a “text dot” into regular text, you can use the “ConvertDot” command in Rhino. This command will convert the text dot into a standard text object. Once it is converted, you can edit and format the text as you normally would in Rhino.

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Yes but how can this be automated? Currently I can only do the baking manually.