Grasshopper Text Tag Baking Options

Hello everyone,

I’m using text tag component to display some information on the screen along with some objects. When I bake the component, I want the objects be baked only but the text is also baked as a dot object. How can I disable the text from baking while still making it visible??

Text Tag Bake

I think you need a component which can convert text to curves. Then you can bake curves to rhino space.
Text by curve.ghuser (11.9 KB)
This component should work for you. Author is daniel gonzález abalde. put it under user object folder.

Hello zhuangjia777,

thank you for your response. No, I don’t want to convert text to curves.

When I bake my cluster I don’t want the text to be baked (but still want to have it visible as an information on-screen).

For example;

This is the input curve;

This is the cluster;

I turn on the preview to see the text on-screen;

At that moment this is what I have on screen;

And when I bake the cluster, I get these two objects;

One of the objects is what I want to have but the other one is the dot object and I don’t want it to be baked like this.

Turning off the preview mode can be a workaround but that is also a step. So how can you leave the preview mode open and at the same time not bake the text as a dot object?

So you want to bake only the ‘Geo’ output of the cluster? Why not do that instead of baking the cluster?

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A plugin is required to bake text as curves? How about getting block fonts like these?

What would Grasshopper be without plugins? Not very practical, that’s for sure. :man_shrugging:

Because I want to have the text tag visible in the viewport as well…

I don’t believe you can do that with the way clusters are made. In a script component you could. In this case you should just plug your geometry output of the cluster into a data parameter and just bake that parameter.

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Thank you for your response… I won’t ask why it is not possible with the clusters because it should be complicated. :slight_smile: