Baking Geometry / Counter+Timer

Hello ShapeDiver team,

I would love to understand whether the following components of the “kangaroo” / “lunchbox” / “GH” - Can be used or not - in the GH code I upload to your system:

  • Object Bake - of lunchbox (because I understand that Kangaroo’s Bake Geometry cannot be used, as I have mapped and attached below)
  • Timer at Params in Util
  • Counter - of Kangaroo

If not – any replacements I can use?

Nadav Atkin.
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  • It is not possible to use any component that Bakes geometry because you cannot interact with a Rhino document on ShapeDiver. All the logic has to be self-contained in the definition.
  • It is not possible to use the Timer and the Kangaroo Counter for reasons explained here as well.

Hi Mathieu Huard, and thanks for the reply,

Is there a way to produce a LOOP of any geometric deterministic prossess, with an “end condition” boolian, and that can be “reset” by boolian? Similar to using the following extensions:

reference here -
reference here -

Such a solution will solve the case.


Those plugins are not supported because each step of the loops trigger the computation of new solutions in Grasshopper. In order for your definitions to work on ShapeDiver, a specific set of parameter must trigger one unique solution.

What is needed is a component that internalizes the loop and only outputs the solution when the end condition is reached. For example, this is the reason why we only support the Zombie Solver of Kangaroo, which does exactly that.

Of course, that always leaves the possibility to write your own scripts and build deterministic loops yourself, outputting only the final solution. In that case, we will allow your scripts on the system.

Hi Mathieu Huard, Thanks for the reply.

I did a “zombie solver” study (here: > Blockquote and on the web) And I realized that the Zombie Solver allows a system of optimization to place points in a fixed amount.

I need a looping system - A system that starts from a certain amount of points in List A, & in each iteration, some of the points From List A will be selected & “move” from List A to List B. In the next iteration, List A will not include any point that already “moved” to List B. Loops wil kip running until the end of all points in List A.

  1. Do you think this can be done through a Zombie Solver? I’d love to have more explaination / references / examples.
  2. If not - what can be done about it within SD system?


It is unclear to me what you are trying to achieve. Kangaroo is a pretty flexible plugin that should be able to do what you need. When you download the plugin, it comes with a set of example models that should get you started.

If you can’t make it work, I am positive that you can do what you need with a script (C#, VB or Python), as long as your loop has a clear end criterion.