'Bake to Layer' component with 'M' (Material) input?

Updated. Now handles groups. Open source Python.


mMaterial_2020Jan30a.gh (29.5 KB)
mMaterial_bake_to_layer_2020Jan30a.gh (39.5 KB)
STEP1_mMaterial_bake_to_layer_2020Jan30a.gh (40.0 KB)
STEP2_mMaterial_bake_to_layer_2020Jan30a.gh (16.1 KB)

NOTE: The ~5 second benchmark in this video is more than three times longer than the same operation takes when not running the video capture software…?

What are blocks? Again, I’d rather not be distracted at all by any of this. It would be much better for everyone if bake functionality like this were included in standard Grasshopper.