Move, project, maintain layer

Hello All,

I have a bunch of surfaces stacked like this, in different layers:

What I would like to do is to lay these surfaces down in plan, so I can have them all on the ground level next to each other, like floor plans.

so far the move and project components are working for me:

the problem for me is once I bake the project component, all the surfaces will be baked into the same layer, I’m wondering how I can bake them in the same layers they were before,

so instead of this:

my bake result would be this:

here are my files: (18.6 KB)
moveandproject.3dm (111.6 KB)

Thank you all!

I did something similar earlier today so re-used a cluster (MoveD) with slight modifications.

I don’t have Elefront installed so used ObjDet (Object Details) to get the layer names, then appended ‘_NEW’ to them for Bake to layer (my own Python code) so I could delete them by layer without destroying the originals. (26.1 KB)
move_to_plan_2022_Nov8a.3dm (116.5 KB) (I colored the ‘_NEW’ layers to match the originals)

P.S. I don’t know why but your stack of surfaces are not aligned with each other? Top view:

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Thank you Joseph for the quick reply. This works! In the meantime I figured a way to do it, but with the use of Human and Elefront plugins:

PS: I like to share a much simpler version of what I’m actually working on to make it easier for everyone, as I modeled this really fast I didn’t pay attention to the alignment of the surfaces.

Grasshopper can fix that. :wink:
Note that you can skip the Concat ‘_NEW’ in my code so it bakes to the original layers, but if you do that, you should remove the DelAll (Delete by layer) component to avoid deleting your surfaces. Also note that much of my code was just sorting the surfaces by ‘Z’ and moving them all to the “ground floor”, aligned on their Area center points for the MoveD cluster.

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Noted, thank you! Yes, sorting is also needed as each “floor plan” has to follow the order in height.