Bake objects on different layers based on colors

It would really help if you internalized your geometry. I used a circle but needed a radius of 16,000 units (a diameter of 32K!) to properly see your model. Are you working in millimeters?

I added a ‘reduce colors’ group (purple) that rounds your random rotation values to specific intervals defined by Range.

This solution uses no plugins: (30.2 KB)

Instead, it uses a couple of simple Python components (in the cyan group) documented here:

It’s possible to trigger a bug in this code but easy to avoid it. I think it goes like this:

  • click the ‘Bake’ button - this creates layers as needed for baking geometry.
  • manually select and delete all the layers in the ‘Layers’ panel.
  • click the ‘Bake’ button again - ERROR! This alert pops up for every single piece of geometry in the list (150 times!!!) :frowning:


I’m still too weary of Rhino API scripting to bother figuring it out just yet. Maybe someday, unless McNeel decides before then to build this functionality into GH, where it rightfully belongs. The ‘Bake’ and ‘DELETE All’ buttons can be used repeatedly without any problem.

Good advice but I didn’t see internalized geometry in your model?