Bake Object to Layer - Display Mode

When using the right-click command to Bake a Preview Geometry component, the option to set the display mode is present. With that option, it appears my baked geometry can be locked to rendered, which is what I want while everything else is wire, or possibly other display modes for objects baked to layers.

The thing I’m confused about is why that option to set the display mode is only available in the right-click bake menu. I would like to be able to automate some of this baking a little better, but none of the components for Grasshopper seem to include a way to adjust the display mode of the baked object/layer.

I don’t necessarily need to be able to change this display mode once the objects are baked. What I would like to avoid however is having to right click - bake the results of an analysis every time I complete the script. Again, it seems the only way to set the display mode of baked objects is through this right-click menu. Does anyone know more about this?

Similar topic! Duplicate? You should refrain from double posting and be patient.

I did indeed post a similar topic to the Human component discussion as potential for a solution specific to that component. What you indentified as a duplicate post appears to be someone else editing this post’s category. (Thanks for pointing out if there is a duplicate somehow, but it appears this link refers to itself?)

One way I thought of is to use RhCOM with the following command.

_SetObjectDisplayMode Mode Rendered

All I would need to do now is be able to have a Grasshopper component select all the objects on a specific Rhino layer.