Bake active dimensions

Simply looking for a quick way to bake active dimension and text components. Found an example, but cannot get it to work.

The error i’m getting is:
Error: Runtime error (UnboundNameException): name ‘Comp_type’ is not defined

line 32

import Grasshopper as gh
import Rhino as rc
import ghpythonlib.components as comp
from System import *
from System.Collections.Generic import *
import System.Collections

if active == True:
    #Active Rhinodoc
    rcdoc = rc.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc
    #Active GH document
    my_ghdoc = ghenv.Component.OnPingDocument()
    attr =rc.DocObjects.ObjectAttributes()
    # Bake the dimensions in the specified layer called Dimensions
    #if it doesn't exist it used the default
    attr.LayerIndex = rcdoc.Layers.Find(L,True)
    # Iterate the active objects in the current GH file and find the one of the specific type
    #if there are many look for the one with the name
    objs = []
    obj_types = []
    for obj in my_ghdoc.ActiveObjects():
     my_type = obj.GetType()
     #uncomment the next line if you want to see all the component types in the document
     if str(my_type) == Comp_type:
         if Comp_name == None:
             print("found it")
         if obj.NickName == Comp_name:
             print("found it")
     #bake the component
     if Bake == True:
        for obj in objs:
         #create an empty GUID list
         ids = List[Guid]()
         print("baked the dimension elements")
    doc_components = obj_types

I figured it out. Had to click a link and scroll down to find the GH example file. Works well though. Maybe this will be of use to someone else as well.

The example works by referencing component types and names. Where can i find the specific types of other components? Couldn’t track down the Line Param in my file. Grasshopper SDK didn’t seem to have what i’m looking for.

Again i found the answer to my own question, by looking at the doc_components output.