Bad result when splitting pattern from surface


I am brand new to Rhino, and using it for a school project, so apologies for my ignorance. I am trying to cut a pattern out of a curved surface, and have had intermittent success but more often than not, much more of the surface is removed than I would like. When file is rendered, or viewed in ‘ghosted’ view you can see that several ‘panels’ have been cut out of the side in addition to the pattern I am trying to remove.

Is there any way to fix this? I’m afraid I may have lost my opportunity to undo. I do have a backup of the orginial ‘shell’ with no thickness or patterns removed.

Project Pattern
Cap extrusions
Move extrusions down through surface
split extrusions from surface

Thank you!

projected.3dm (5.7 MB)

you can use the command _Untrim
For things of fate; error of these curves were a bit more on the edge

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Thank you very much, I see I was careless with some edges.

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