Background colour to a hatch

Hi all,

I was hoping with the latest Rhino 7 update there would be an option to add a background (solid) colour to a hatch. Does anyone have any tips for how to do this? My current workaround is to have my first hatch as a solid fill coloured white, then to put a hatch with the pattern I want on top. Sketchup has this function and it makes it very easy to cover over parts of the model in detail view you may want hidden beneath a hatch.

HideInDetail for elements not needed to be viewed in the detail view. Activate the view, select the elements, then use the command HideInDetail.

Yes that is good for hiding entire elements, but sometimes it is more to deal with intersections of objects (especially those that aren’t intended to be booleaned together into one giant solid), where certain lines/meshes would need to be hidden, not an entire object.

Hello- your double hatch seems like a decent workaround - there is no provision for a background color. Make sure to use BringForward on the top hatch if they are coplanar to make sure it draws in front.


That makes sense to me.


We have that feature request on the list as RH-64731.