Back-End Developer for Web Application

Hello Everybody,

We are a Belgian based startup and we are looking for a Developer to hire, experienced with web based applications for 3d model generation using Rhino.

Our workflow is based on Rhino and Grasshopper and we would like to build an online model editor.

We are interested in someone with a strong knowledge of the platforms available for that purpose ( i.e. the new born Rhino Compute).

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested and available in our area.


I am having the skill-set and experience required.

If you are open for remote services, Kindly reach me on below mentioned details

Skype: cisin.karen


Waiting for your reply


Just for clarity here:

Are you looking for somebody that will connect your rhino/grasshopper work to an online model editor? Similar to what Shapediver does (since it’s one of your tags)

Or are you looking for somebody that makes grasshopper definitions which will be used for an online model editor utilizing Shapediver service?

Hi siemen,

we are creating a team for the development of an online model editor. Yes, shapediver offers this kind of service, starting from a GH definition, that’s why I added that tag.

Who we are looking for is a developer experienced in one or all the available solutions for making scripts ( i.e. Rhino Common) working online. Ideally, it would be great to start working directly on Rhino Compute, even if I know it’s a pretty new stuff.

I would be pleased to talk more in detail with someone that can also advice us on which is the best path to follow.