Axo/iso production

Hello Friends
What is the best way to make an AXONOMETRIC version of a VisualARQ model? Usually in Rhino I rotate, then shear, to produce an AXO, but it appears that VisualARQ elements don’t transform. Any suggestions? For example, can VisualARQ elements be converted into Rhino solids to produce a final axo?

Hi Donald, if you explode the VisualARQ objects they will turn into Rhino solids. (But you will lose their parametric properties).

Perfect, thanks!

Will there ever be a non-destructive way to do this?

@Prehabitat I hope so. I know @vittorio wrote some code to generate AXO views. Perhaps he can add more details and tell you if it works with VisualARQ objects without exploding them.

Perhaps we’ll see it in V6… its useful for architecture which I understand the user base has been growing… though perhaps most of the arch users take their model to archived/Revit for docs?