Average Data List Using Divided Point List

I have a data list which corresponds to a point list. The end goal is to average the data values which correspond to the points that are graphically in the upper half of the list/grid (see image) and average the data which corresponds to the points that are graphically in the bottom half of the list/grid. seghier khaled helped me separate the point list as described (see linked forum), but I can’t figure out how to get the data list to associate correctly with the newly separated point list? Once I can get them to associate correctly, averaging the data values is simple. Any suggestions? Thanks

extract multiple points.gh (19.3 KB)

linked forum - point grid separation

If the data points “corresponds” to the point list, which are separated by the filters (the culling), doesn’t these same filters (boolean cullpatterns) apply also to the numbers? With that I mean, feed the two lower cull-components with the numbers while using the (same) boolean cullpatterns for culling the numbers?

Edit: What I mean is illustrated below.

// Rolf

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Wow! Yes that’s exactly it. Thanks!

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