Automatically bake MO created directly in Tekla with the GH component?

I have a script that generate several assemblies in Tekla, and I want to bake those assemblies after running the script so I can do manual modifications as needed. Is there a way to do that when the script is run directly from Tekla? The only way I know to bake in Tekla is to manually click on the component in the GH canvas… (16.2 KB)

For an example script, I just created a modified version of the demo script that creates an assembly in the end.

Hi Maureen,

Use the Bake all object in Tekla function from the drop menu at the top if you’re running it from GH

If you are running it via Rhino.Inside don’t know why you would need to bake since it stays in the model as a unique instance anyway.

I need to bake it because I have a script the generate piles under columns, and I want to do manual modification of the piles or of the columns without the script-now-component trying to always override what I do.

Not sure what you mean here exactly.

I tried to make a video to explain better but actually got another issue: Now for some reason the script does not work when run from the tekla component directly, but works fine when run from the GH canvas… Even if I select the exact same inputs… I made a video of it. Sadly I cant share the script here as it is made for work. :-/

In the video you can see the purpose of the script and a bit better how it works: It creates the pile system under a building from coordinates and loads saved in an excel file. If it finds any columns or walls close to the pile coordinates, it will adjust the pile position to align it with the structure in Tekla. That last part created the first issue as once the piles are created through the script as a component, they ALWAYS want to match the closest tekla structural element. So I can’t force a manual modification and for example move a pile group 300mm in any direction if a column is near. Which is why i wanted to bake the object or make them not a component anymore. If I get the script to run again as component, I will make a video of it to explain better.

None of those issues arise when the script is run from the GH canvas, but the point was to make it user friendly for the Tekla users that dont know the first thing about GH :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Maureen,

You can always right-click a component in Tekla after insertion and chose “Explode component”, that way it won’t be linked to GH any more. Include this in the instructions to the users.

For the second issue, what might be messing up the script execution from the GH component is that the coordinate system of the Tekla component will be the coordinate system of the first picked input object (this is true for any Tekla component/plugin). So any absolute coordinates in the excel file will be measured from the local/component coordinate origin rather than from the global origin.

You can convert between local and global coordinates using the “Get Coordinate System” component. This will spit out the global and the local coordinate systems, which will be identical when run from GH directly but differ when run as a GH component. Then use the “Orient” component with these two coordinate systems as source and target to align any other geometry/points.

To debug further, use panels named “output” here and there to monitor the output values of various components (in the dialog that pops up when you place the component in Tekla). You can also insert dummy objects like e.g. beams and plates to visualize points and curves in Tekla at various stages of the script and see whether they show up where you expect.



Thanks, its a good way to solve it. And thanks for the advises for how to debug, I will try that

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