Bake to Tekla

i wanna to used this to create more than 100 parts,
so i need to right click more than 100times to bake to tekla .
if it’s possibly to have a single battery to realize automatically bake to tekla

11F.3dm (525.2 KB) (10.0 KB)
GrasshopperTeklaLink.gha (865.5 KB)

I tried several times but failed。THK ALL!!


I would duplicate the input line 100 times using the Duplicate Data component to generate 100 columns on top of each other. Then the Bake to Tekla command would bake all those at once and you’d have 100 parts that are independent of the GH definition.

If you really want to simulate clicking the command 100 times you could do it with a C# component. There’s this example definition in the FAQ that can serve as a basis:

The definition contains, among other things, a C# component that can be used to trigger a command from the context menu of another component. That script could probably be modified to trigger the command a 100 times in a row.



Probably there is a problem with my description. It should be more than 100 special cross sections of different shapes.
and some of the cross sections have holes.
so ,i have to do like this:
1.choice curves
2.putin text
3.enable the battery
4.bake to tekla.
5.stop the battery
6.clean the curves and name
7.repeat 1th.

now i have short it
1.choice cruves+name(use a battery for category. including the position)
2.start/stop button(c# control the create coloum+create profile battery)
3. bake to tekla.

Not sure if the last part means you have solved it, but I’ll expand a bit on the process:

Use lists or trees for the inputs of the Create Profile component (Outline, Name - note that potential holes need to be in a tree structure as there can be many of them in each profile). That way you create all the profiles at once.

Then use a list of equal length for the Curve input of the Column component (potentially duplicating the input line in case they should have the same axis). This would generate all the parts using different profiles at once, and they can then be baked at once.



i got the human plugin,but it didn’t work well.

I have try this code ,but something wrong about the input type,maybe (12.9 KB)

I’ve thought about this idea before, but there’s a troublesome problem. Judge more than 100 curves and judge those are holes and those are outer contours.

In the end, I decided to choose one by one. It’s a little troublesome this way, but follow my steps, if it can be automatic baketotekla ,this will be more fast

Hi, this was the component I’m referring to, that code checks the context menu of the connected component in the Component input and triggers the command in Command input (if found):



I will try it,THK!!