Automatic Scale Display - great feature, but some shortcomings

It’s great to have an automatic scale display for detail windows in Rhino 7. It’s so easy to forget to lock a detail, inadvertently zoom, and issue a print with the detail’s scale not matching what’s been cited.

But there’s a problem with the way the feature is working. It rounds to the nearest typical scale. For example, I zoomed a detail out to a random scale, and the display displayed " Scale 1/8" = 1’-0" " On investigation in the properties window, the scale to which I’d zoomed was in fact 1" = 9.11123’. Doesn’t this defeat the intention of the feature? (I think there’s another problem, too - the updated scale doesn’t show until the details deactivated. This can be misleading as one’s inclination is to look to the automated scale display to see what scale has been zoomed to while the detail is active for zooming.)

(The way I intend to use this feature, by the way, is not simply to automatically display the scale for print - it would be too easy to zoom out to a scale which doesn’t match dimensions in paper space, and not notice. I’m putting the automated scale on a non-print layer displaying in red - next to the intended scale citation on a non automated piece of text. This makes it easiest to verify that the scale of the detail is as intended before any print is issued.)