Automatic generation of jewellery design

Hi, A few years back (10?) I downloaded some freebie plug-in that generated random forms in Rhino based on a torus (and perhaps other shapes) I played around with it a bit in a jewellery context (rings, bangles etc). That was many moons ago and whatever computer it was on is long since gone. I have to give a presentation in NY next week on various aspects of jewellery design and one thing I want to raise is the long-term options for automated ‘contemporary’ design - a computer churns out ideas and some guy then decides whether it is worth using… (Want it all to be a bit controversial etc). I remembered this plug-in and thought I could render a few examples, but is it still available?



Hi Jack, do you still remember the name of it ? Maybe this or Armadillo ? The second is still available, works in Rhino 5.

:smile: lol… shouting starts when production begins.


Thanks - and a million apologies for the delay - been travelling and in and
out of internet range. Those weren’t the one, but were perfect to
illustrate my point. Indeed after my presentation one major US jewellery
company told me they were using automated jewelry design - only human
intervention is to say 'Yep - that looks good… CLICK.


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